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Is strategy really important when building a nourishing, conscious, soul led business?


Have you asked yourself this? Have you perhaps been veering away from creating a plan for your business?

I know strategy, planning and goal setting can feel really icky and really “masculine” to a spiritual entrepreneur or conscious coach who desires to build a nourishing, fulfilling business. Especially if she has experienced burnout in the past. I certainly felt this way myself.

However, I would now argue that she is actually the one who needs a solid strategy the most.

Why — I hear you ask?

Well that is what we will be discussing in this blog.


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Niamh is a Feminine Embodiment and Soul-Led Business Coach supporting female entrepreneurs to birth their conscious businesses in a nourishing and sustainable way leads with desire, supports their body and nourishes their Soul.

Tap into the infinite POWER of your innate magnetism, my love and step into your full magnificence in business.

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What we will discuss in the blog:

  • Is strategy and planning really important when building a nourishing business?
  • How having a business strategy supports you to achieve your business desires
  • How having a strategy can help you avoid burnout
  • How having a strategy supports you to create a nourishing business


This post is for you if you:

  • Are a conscious coach or spiritual entrepreneur (Soulpreneur)
  • Want to build a nourishing, sustainable Soul led business.
  • Want to lead with desire in your business.
  • Want to be intentional with your time.
  • Want to create more structure.
  • Want to know what steps to take.
  • Want to take intentional actions that move the needle forward in your business.
  • Believe in building your business from a space of divine union allowing your creative feminine to inspire your potent masculine action.


So… Is strategy and planning really important when building a nourishing business?


I know strategy, planning and goal setting can feel really icky and “masculine” and overwhelming to a spiritual entrepreneur or conscious coach who desires to build a nourishing, fulfilling business.


But I honestly feel that the Spiritual Entrepreneurs are actually the ones who needs a solid, aligned business strategy the most.


Let me explain why….


1) Having a business strategy supports you to achieve your desires


Firstly, if you are reading this I imagine you are a Conscious Coach or Spiritual Entrepreneur who has a deep desire to build a successful, thriving, purpose driven business that supports your body and nourishes your Soul.

I know you want to lead with this desire in your business and to be intentional with your time and your energy and take intentional actions that move your business forward.

When starting out there are so many things to do it can feel really overwhelming and it can be hard to know what the important things are.

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Once you have gotten clear on who your Soul Client is, created your transformational offering to them, built your website, then what next?

Marketing? Social media? Energy work? Doing another coaching or other kind of certification to help you support that Soul client?

Perhaps you have gotten so overwhelmed by it all that you now feel you need to take some time out to nurture yourself and reassess if you actually are cut out to have your own business?

If so, I completely understand my love – Remember a nourishing business starts with you nourishing YOU so take time to rest as and when you need BUT then come back to your desire.

— Your desire is to have a successful, thriving, purpose driven business that supports your body and nourishes your Soul.


To do this effectively we need to have a clear strategy..


One that ensures every daily action you take is:

  1. Intentional,
  2. Moves the needle forward in your business, &
  3. Aligns with your desire to build a thriving business.

If you want to only work 20 hours per week so that you can be with your kids during the rest of the time or do the things you love then you need to ensure those 20 hours are used intentionally splitting between working on the business (planning, marketing, collaborating, accounting etc) and in the business (coaching, connecting with clients). This is where having a clear plan is so helpful.

For me and my creative nature it feels really good to me to know what I am doing and to then get on with it knowing every action moves me toward my goal. This is the power of having a strategy to follow.


As a creative it’s so easy to get bogged down in creating beautiful posts for social media but are those posts created with intention to serve your business?

It’s also easy to let life/ family matters/ social scrolling (I know how it is!) interfere with or eat up your work time but does that serve your business?

2) Having a business strategy helps to avoid burnout


This is probably the most powerful reason.

Many of the women I work with have experienced burnout (this was also my experience) and as they embark on the journey into entrepreneurship they deeply desire to NOT just be successful as they support others in their work but to create something that profoundly nourishes them, their bodies and offers that sense of freedom… Freedom of time, money, limitation and the freedom to truly serve unencumbered.

Most spiritual entrepreneurs (myself included) are creative and sensitive to energies, leaning more deeply into our feminine essence comes naturally to us. We need to rest and we need to play for us to feel good, to tickle our senses, tease our intuition and allow our inspiration to flow.

Our tendency to lean more deeply into our creative nature can sometimes leave us feeling untethered, ungrounded and like we are drifting. This is not bad or wrong, we are just missing an anchor to ground into. We need some kind of “masculine” structure to support and hold what is coming through us.

(When I speak of masculine and feminine in this article I refer to the polarities or qualities or energies)

When this happens in our business aka we are constantly creating without a clear strategy that supports and holds those creations (eg. offers, social media posts, blogging) this can leave you feeling like you are on a hamster wheel with no clear purpose or direction and potentially on the fast track to burnout.


The ungrounded creative feminine energy can:

  • Feel frenetic (think pre-menstrual/ autumn energy),
  • Go into overdrive,
  • Leave you feeling exhausted,
  • Seeking outside help or validation,
  • Comparing yourself,
  • Questioning yourself or
  • Severe shiny object syndrome jumping from one approach to another
  • Feel ungrounded, lost and maybe even mad, angry, frustrated and ready to pack it all in.

Sound familiar?

Yet when there is a clear strategy in place that you know is helping to move your business forward, your “feminine” can relax. She feels safe and held. She feels safe to inspire and create knowing those creations are leading her/ you forward towards your desire to have a thriving business.

And when the plan is clear and aligned to you and actioned (very importantly) you can determine:

a) How long each task takes,
b) The time needed,
c) If it needs outsourcing etc.

You can take control of the time and energy you are specifically putting into building your business, eliminating confusion, overwhelm, low confidence and burnout.


3) Having a business strategy supports you to create a nourishing business


So I have touched on this above but it’s really important to come back to this and give it its own acknowledgement.

Remember your desire is to build a nourishing, fulfilling and sustainable business that supports your body and nourishes your Soul.

To do that it’s imperative to build your business from a place of divine union, allowing your creative, passionate, inspiration filled feminine to inspire and guide the necessary “masculine” action in your business aka the strategy.

But in addition, these feminine pieces land much more powerfully when they are supported by the masculine strategy & structure.

I love this quote from Tami Lynn Kent:

Creativity carries the energy of inspiration but it needs a solid container to generate, hold and sustain it.

All businesses, even spiritual or feminine businesses need the masculine aspect to hold and support them. In fact the business is the masculine. It’s all the daily actions, the offers, the marketing, all that outflow you pour into the world, your business pours into the world. Your business is the container for your creative feminine flow. As is the intentional aligned strategy you employ.

The role of the feminine is to guide and inspire and we allow her to do that easily, effortlessly when she is supported by a clear, aligned strategy that ensures that we are moving the business forward in a nourishing and sustainable way. And this is really

Remember, building a nourishing, fulfilling, sustainable business is a marathon not a sprint. But you will always do better in the marathon if you have a clear plan to follow.


So to come back to Our Question:


Is strategy and planning really important when building a nourishing business?


I hope after reading this you feel in the core of your being a powerful, toe curling YES to this question. Knowing now that having a clear strategy:

  • Supports you in achieving your desires for your business.

  • Helps you to avoid burnout.

  • Supports you in creating a nourishing, fulfilling business.

I also hope it will spark the desire to nurture yourself and your feminine by putting plans in place to create your aligned business strategy to move you forward in 2023.

If you are NOT yet clear on:

  1. Who your Soul Client is and
  2. What your transformational offering to them is

Then you will need to define these before you can craft a business strategy.

This is the work we do in Soul Client.

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Keep an eye out for my next blog post where I will discuss “This is what is really blocking your success in your conscious business.”.


Niamh xx