Where are you currently giving your power away?

In your life or your business… where are you giving your power away?

Think about that for a second.

The truth is we are magical, powerful beings Niamh but the “reality” of our world and the strength of our minds often makes us forget just how powerful we truly are.

I’ve been shown many times over the years the power of the mind and its potentially detrimental effects; And how our internal chatter can bring us to greatness or can bring us to our knees.

I’ve had depression (one of my greatest teachers). I’ve lost a sister to suicide. I’ve seen extended family, friends, students suffer with mental health. And I’ve seen how physical pain can drive people into deep mental pain.

Most recently, I watched a family member who suffers from anxiety have his anxiety exacerbated through chronic back pain. We watched him tremble and shake with the fear that gripped his mind and body.

I empathized with him deeply, understanding how it feels to have chronic physical and mental pain.

A couple of days later I felt an old, very painful recurring shoulder pain came back. A shoulder pain I had not experienced in 4 or 5 years. I was suddenly gripped by fear… Questioning “How long this would go on for? and how bad it would get?”.

After an awful nights sleep, I went to my mat and I tuned in. I tuned into my higher self, to my guides and asked the question “why am I feeling this pain?” and about an hour later the response came…

“to show me where I have been giving my power away and how quickly I can come back into my power”.

In that moment I saw the fork in the road and I remembered.

You see… I know how to shift to this, Niamh! I know how to shift it quickly. When I remember I have the power and I take that power back.

So I turned to my tools.. I began to “write my reality” . I began to write as the woman who is pain free, feeling energized, feeling excited, feeling mobile etc. I started to lift my vibration.

I tuned into how it feels in my body to not be in pain. To remember how that feels and to move my body and dance and play in ways that I would play when I’m completely pain free.

This is our power!

Very quickly not only did my mindset shift and change but my body started to shift and change as well and the pain started to dissipate — I took back my power.

Within a day or two the pain was completely gone and 5 days later I can confirm I’m still pain free. A pain that could have easily lasted months was gone in a day or two.

And we have the same power and potential for change in all parts of our life and our businesses.

But so often we unknowingly give our power away.

Giving it away to pain.

Giving it away to other people.

Giving it away to our fears, self doubt etc..

Forgetting who we truly are and how freaking powerful we are.

So my question is..

Where are you currently giving your power away?

And where are you ready to RECLAIM* that power now?

You are the point of power – Never forget that!

You have the power to magically shift things on a dime when you call your power back.

You do not need to stay stuck in painful situations, relationships, thought patterns that are not serving your highest good.

You are the power.

Remember it now.

Claim it now.

Own it now.

I’m so excited to share that something POWERful is coming to support you in claiming the potency of your Soul work.

Unleash your true Soul gifts.

Unlock the richness and wealth of your unique experience.

Unveil the power you have to truly transform the lives of your people.

This is your Soul Code.

To discover more about Soul Code make your way over here.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead,

Much love,

Niamh x